Leslee is a vibrant young mother, sister, daughter, friend, photo stylist, and full-time student from West Virginia. In January 2013 she was diagnosed with an unusually aggressive and active strain of MS which was later found to be Devic’s Disease. Her friends and family are coming together to raise funds for a necessary treatment.



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In July of 2011 I had a migraine that caused me to lose vision in my left eye. That September my neurologist sent me to UVA and I was told I could have had a stroke. One month later I lost feeling in my left arm and hand. That December, 2 weeks before Christmas I lost feeling in my legs. After Solu-medrol infusions the feeling in my legs returned but the strength was decreased about 30% added with hyper reflexivity. I was given a spinal tap and a diagnosis of MS in January of 2013.

I was put on Copaxone ( a disease modification drug for MS) and continued on it for 6 months. During this 6 months I had 6 relapses that continued to steal more independence mobility and health. I was given 6 solu-medrol infusions, lost more strength and mobility in my arms and legs and also began to lose bowel and bladder function that I still have not regained to this day.

After failing another MS drug and yet another relapse I decided to enter a trial through Dr. Burt at Northwestern University in Chicago. While I was there Dr. Burt explained due to the lack of brain lesions and mismatched symptoms I did not have MS. But he did say he could still help me and ordered extensive back MRI’s and sent me to a neurologist in Chicago.It was there I learned I had Neuromyelitis Optican or NMO. It is also known as Devic’s Disease. I also learned my prognosis on average is 5 years. My first thought was Haylee. She will only be 8 years old. I can’t accept this.

Here is where I am today. I am on a 3 day solu-medrol infusion for the 7th time this year. I just started a Chemo drug, plus daily prednisone to try to kill my immune system and keep attacks at bay. I am under close supervision and because of my recent diagnosis I am still waiting on an official answer as to if I am still a candidate for a stem cell transplant. I am also in talks to visit the Mayo Clinic which is a leading researcher in Devic’s Disease and hope to find other places I can receive guidance and help.

There will still be benefits locally to raise money for a stem cell transplant. It may not be from Chicago but I will continue to find a place that will accept me. I will also be using the money to cover increasing medical costs for travel, tests and labs. Thank you so much for the love and support. Most importantly are your prayers for my family, and my Haylee.

Please visit
http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/lesleepannell   for in depth details about treatment, diagnosis, and the journey to my transplant.


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  • Sherrie

    Hi Leslee, it’s Mrs. Hunter, Lesleigh and Lorie’s mom.
    I am sad learning of your recent diagnosis. Please know you will be in my prayers.

    11 months ago Reply

  • Judy

    I have two cousins with MS and a neice with Ms.

    11 months ago Reply

  • Holly

    Good luck, Leslee. I wish I could give more.

    11 months ago Reply

  • Barb Yoder Coppins

    I am so proud of you Leslee! YOU are one of the reasons I spend hours on Facebook telling others about HSCT stem cell transplant in Chicago with Dr. Burt…to pay it forward! My husband, Marc, had his HSCT for MS in May 2011 and it has STOPPED MS and also reversed most of his symptoms…double vision, numbness, pain, MS hug, and more…and he had MS for 11 years before he had HSCT. He still has fatigue and vertigo but pretty much everything else is GONE! Since you were only diagnosed January 2013, I have very high hopes that Haylee will get her mom back…ALL of her! The secret is getting HSCT early BEFORE you have so much permanent damage and you are doing the right thing! I’ll be praying and following your story!

    11 months ago Reply

  • Kashawna

    You are in my thoughts and prayers and so is ur little girl!!

    7 months ago Reply

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